101 Uses for BBQ Dry Rub Spice

Texas Brothers BBQ dry rub is long held family recipe of all natural spices that brings out the authentic taste of Texas-style barbecue. All natural and gluten-free.

Dry rub is used to hand rub all beef, pork, chicken, fish, or wild game that penetrates meat in a natural way to bring out the true flavor of barbecue. Meat can be rubbed and set aside in the cooler or refrigerator to allow the spices to act as a perfect marinate. All that tender love and care will bring out the best in your barbecue.

Our dry rub recipe is a sweet and savory bland that enhances the flavor of your morning scrambled eggs, buttered popcorn, french fries and much more. All you need to do is to experiment to add great flavor to your next meal or snack.

Dale and Lee Heiskell - The Texas Brothers

In 1989, Lee and Dale Heiskell set off to first The Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off in Reno, Nevada. Texas Brothers Bar-B-Que as one of the first cooking teams that started the barbeque cook-off festival circuit to places like Ribfest in Chicago and all over the USA.

After twenty years of touring, they retired from the cook-off festival circuit. They’ve won awards, made a lot good friends, and gained a lot of barbeque knowledge.

Lee’s son Lance first built this site over 20 years ago for people who couldn’t wait a year to buy a bottle of dry rub at the next Nugget Rib Cook-off. As years passed, instructional videos with Lee imparting his bbq wisdom were added.

Lee and Dale are no longer with us. Their memories and knowledge remain. Long Live Texas Brothers BBQ.

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