How To Cook Slow Smoke BBQ Beef Brisket with Dry Rub

Cooking an authentic, tender Texas barbecue beef brisket is not rocket science, anyone can do it. We try to make it fool proof. Dry rub and "Slow and Low" cooking is the key. We like using dry rub spice because you get a better direct taste of the meat, not taste of the marinade injection or bbq sauce. If you just want to taste the the flavor of the meat, try dry rub. Texas Brothers BBQ Dry Rub is a long held family recipe of chili powder, sugar, cumin, garlic, papin, and a fine blend of all natural spices and gluten-free that brings out the authentic taste of Texas-style barbecue. Unlike sauce, dry rub does not need the careful attention to prevent burning or caramelizing the meat. To show how easy it is, we've made these How-To videos. We want to give you confidence in cooking BBQ and we hope that you will try our dry rub while doing it. Hope this helps. Part 1 If you have a small grill or live in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow smokers, we made these videos to cook brisket in those conditions. Part 2   Hungry yet? Click here to order a bottle. To BBQ a quality brisket, one must use quality meat and a quality dry rub. There are very few dry rubs on the market and Texas Brother's BBQ dry rub's all natural ingredients provide just the right combination to turn a regular brisket into a prize winner. Follow these 10 steps to make your next cookout a success.

Step One - Selecting A Beef Brisket

Pictured above is an untrimmed brisket. We use untrimmed meat since it has been our experience that the meat and fat compliment each other as the cooking progesses.

Step Two - Applying the Dry Rub Spice

We have rubbed half of this brisket with Texas Brothers BBQ dry rub. You can use this picture as an example of how much dry rub should be applied.

Step Three - Fully Seasoned and Ready for the Cooker

Here we have the brisket covered in rub and ready for the cooker. For the best results the brisket should be cooked fat side down. This is so that the seasoning will sink into the lean meat and enhance the flavor. This is because the seasoning will not be able to penetrate the fatty side of the brisket.

Step Four - Smoking the Brisket

This brisket has been smoked approximately 30-45 minutes in a Southern Pride cooker.

Step Five - Finish Smoking the Meat

You're looking at the brisket still in the cooker with two hours of smoke at 300. You can do the same on your own grill or cooker and then if necessary you can move the brisket on to your oven.

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